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How do 900 numbers operate?

By dialing a 1-900 number, anyone in the United States with a touch tone
phone can access information and be charged for the call on their
telephone bill. The telephone company takes care of billing and
collection from the caller. On a monthly basis, the telephone company
(after deducting their service charges) forwards the information provider
a check. It's that simple!

How can we get a 900 number for our church?

Upon request we will send an Operations Manual to you for $39.95 + $3.00
s+h which will supply you with a FREE 900 number exclusively for your
church. This manual will provide you with instructions on how to update
and change the recorded message, as well as marketing and administrative

What might a typical message contain?

Beginning the telephone message:

1. Welcome the caller by giving the date and time, your name and the name
of the church and the city it's located in.

2. Thank your caller for making a contribution to the church.

3. Make a comment relevant to that particular day (weather, news, etc.)

Ideas for the message it's self:

1. Give a short prayer or blessing.

2. Sing a hymn and encourage the caller to sing along.

3. Provide some inspirational comfort for people who need support.

4. Recognize holidays with prayers, blessings, customs, recipes, etc.

5. Provide church news, announcements, or information concerning those in
need of the churches support, etc.

Ending the telephone message:

1. Thank the caller, again, for making a contribution to the church.

2. Announce next update time and content.

3. Encourage frequent calling to support the church and it's activities.

What are good ways to update the recorded message throughout the day?

Breakfast Time:

* Prayer, blessing, church announcement for the day.

Lunch Time:

* Inspirational message for those in need of support.

Dinner Time:

* Prayer, blessing, church announcement for the next day.

Early Evening:

* Good evening prayers, inspirational words, etc.

Is there anything else I should know about the recorded message?

1. If possible, the message should be narreted by the clergy.

2. Messages should be approximately 2 minutesin length (5 minutes

3. Recorded message should be updated daily (or more frequently).

Are there any ways to promote our 900 number with little or no money?

1. Print the 900 number in the weekly bulletins handed out on Sunday.

2. Have the clergy announce the 900 number at church services, and social
functions to encourage calls.

3. Distribute business cards, at each service or fuction, with the 900
number printed on them.

4. In a prominent location, put up a large, permanent sign promoting the
church's 900 number.

5. Send out a dedicated direct mail piece explaining the program.

Aside from the funds we could obviously raise, what are some of the
advantages of having a 900 number?

Advantages to the church:

1. "NO RISK" source of funds, with no ongoing cost.

2. Easy to set-up.

3. Messages can be updated by the clergy via any telephone, at any time.

4. Increases contact with congregation.

5. Allows the church to reach members, who for one reason or another, do
not or cannot, attend church regularly.

6. Allows members out of the area for extended periods of the
time(military, college students, etc.) to stay in touch with the

7. Serves as a vehicle to announce church events, meetings, service.

8. Serves as a vehicle to provide daily, current information regarding
individuals who need support or comfort.

Advantages to the congregation:

1. Allows congregation greater contact with the church and the clergy, on
a 24-hour basis (beneficial during times of crisis, depression, etc.)

2. Enables congregation to learn about the church's up-coming events,
meetings, and services.

3. Informs congregation about "late breaking" news concerning individuals
who need support.

4. Allows congregation to have daily contact with their church.

5. Enables donation to the church in a "painless" manner via a small
fee/donation on the caller's monthly phone bill.

What will the callers to our 900 number be charged?

When calling your 900 number, callers will be charged $1.99 per minute.
The charge will appear on their telephone bill.

How will we gwt paid?

Approximately 60 to 90 days after the billing month in which the calls
were placed to your 900 number,your check from AIS, for your revenue
share is forward to you.

The 60 to 90 day lag is due to the time between:

* when the phone bill is received
* when the caller actually pays their telephone bill
* when the telephone company forwards payment to the 900 service
bureau (AIS)


900 Easystreet

For a demonstration of how a 900 number works dial.

1-900-234-7575 ext.9124

$1.99 per minute. Avg. call 5 min. Must be 18


In addition to the FREE 900 Number, this manual contains the information
you will need
to successfully manage your 900 number, plus it also contains proven
ideas that you may use with your 900 number. Yuor manual also contains
valuable advertising information, and description of many other 900
number system and prices available.


Complete attached application form and return with $39.95 + $3.00 S+H

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