Re: virus: Stance on abortion

William Carr (
May 27 1996 06:52:02 PM

My, $0.02

|>More inflammatory rhetoric is the charge that to outlaw abortion would
|>send women once more to the coathanger abortionists in back alleys. With
|>the advent of the so-called abortion pill, and the many women who have
|>trained themselves and others in doing safe early abortions on other women
|>with simple dilation and suction equipment, there will be little need for

I need to read it over some more, but this is the only part I have a problem
with so far. I really think it would be a bit worse than this. Firstly, I
think if abortion was outlawed, the abortion pill (I'm assuming that you're
referring to RU486) would certainly be as well. Secondly, even if what you
say here is true, I don't think women should have to resort to performing
amateur abortions on each other, with or without coathangers.

I do agree with the principles you outlined, though.



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