Re: Postmodernism and Truth (was Re: virus: Simulacrum)

David McFadzean (
Fri, 24 May 1996 10:11:15 -0600

At 01:45 AM 22/05/96 -0400, Bill Godby wrote:

>>In the system you describe is it possible for a statement to be true in
>>one culture and false in another culture that exists at the same time?
>>If so, what happens when an individual is part of both cultures? Or is
>>that impossible?
>We live amidst such things! God is dead. God is alive. Jesus Christ is not
>the savior, the savior hasn't been born yet. Jesus Christ is the savior.
>Which statements are true? It's clear that there are people who share each
>of these views living in the same cultures. Perhaps your thinking of
>something else.

My point was that cultures are fuzzily defined at best, and if you assume
truth is culturally defined then truth too will be fuzzy. I guess that was
your point too. It now appears to me that we have two different but self-
consistent conceptions of truth.

>Well that's all for now, and perhaps for a while, I need to take my elephant
>for a walk. Cheers.

I agree with that sentiment. I've really enjoyed this debate, it has caused
me to question some deeply held beliefs which is always a useful exercise.
I'm not quite ready to give them up yet but I feel I should step back and
do some more research before joining the fray again. Perhaps Bart Kosko's
_Fuzzy Thinking_ can lend some insight to the discussion, has anyone read
it yet?

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