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John A (
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 15:39:15 -0500

Ken Pantheists wrote:
> I just wish you would
> come up with better reasons. Your observations virtually ignore
> political, economic, environmental, cultural and, yes, scientific
> influences.

All religions are closely intertwined with all of the factors you

Yes christianity has been hegemonic, yes it has been used to pump up
> troops for wars of aquisition, yes it has been used to control people by
> inciting mass fear and suspicion. But fucking hell- So has television.

Appeal to religion for war support is political trickery. Andrew
Carnegie called it (in How To Win Friends and Influence People)
appealing to the nobler motive. A leader does not get up and say,
"Friends, fellows, countrymen... I am fucking greedy! We need more
territory, more slaves and more money! Let's invade some countries!"
They bring religion in to manipulate the feeling of self worth that it

Television is saturated with logical fallacy. I rarely watch
television. This may sound cliche, but it can rot your brain.

> How far does that place you from the cave people who looked at a volcano
> and, without considering any other influences, called that a demon?

Not very far. I must apologize once more (I did on another post as
well) for ranting. I need to slow down my caffeine intake. I do,
however, have many arguments against christianity that are logical as
opposed to mindless rhetoric.

John Aten

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