Re: virus: Atheism and Agnosticism (demon thread)

John A (
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 15:39:09 -0500

Pat Bunt wrote:

If you think of
> all of the works of Michaelangelo, Bach, and other Christian artisis as
> propaganda, then I would wonder about what art you personally enjoy.

I enjoy all kinds of art, even art with a christian influence.
Christian art is the artist's way of showing revernece for christian
ideals; it does not try to convert anyone. I even respect the bible as
a great work of literature. Art of all kinds and religion are very
closely related human activities; I would condsider going so far as to
say that religion is a form of art.

> Emphasizing a certain aspect of a religion is not taking it "as a whole".
> By saying that Christianity is a demon, don't you just mean that certain
> institutions like the Crusades, the later Inquisition and a few popes
> demons?

Organized religion give to few people to much power. People let
themselves be taken in by the rantings of a few people. Like it was
with Hitler; not every German during the holocaust was pro-Hitler,
because he had a stranglehold on the power.

> >We call Jeffery Dahmer a demon because he killed thrity or forty
> >(I am not sure exactly)Christianity has killed billions. Why can't
> >christianity be a demon as well?
> This is blatant rhetoric. So, we're to understand that all people
killed in
> the name of Christianity were subsequently beheaded, frozen, and eaten?

I must apologize for such ranting. When one spouts off like this, it
detracts from open minded discourse. I do not fully reject any
philosophy, without significant logical blows against it. I think I had
to muck caffeine that day.

John Aten

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