virus: Intuition

Joel Bradford Klammer (
Sat, 20 Apr 96 14:49:09 MDT

Sadly, I have deleted a lost a message to which I intended to

Some guy (MemeGenius, I think) wrote something like:

"Inuition is a subconscious approximation of rationality which
worked IN THE STONE AGE and is totally invalid now."

Consider that some mathematicians and physicists assert that
intuition plays an important part in their work. One might, at
the risk of being Procrustean (bonus word!), classify the
advancement of knowledge as a generate-and-test procedure.
Taking these mathematicians and physicists at their word,
intuition would be involved in the _generation_ half of the
process; they would be insane to then fail to _test_ their
theories against the measurable world, but that's not what they
were proposing.