QM vs. logic (was Re: virus: Fundamentals)

David McFadzean (dbm@merak.com)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 11:46:32 -0600

At 08:07 PM 01/04/96 MST, Joel Bradford Klammer wrote:

>Since the advent of QM this line of thought [giving serious consideration
>to the possibility of contradictions in reality] may have to be taken
>seriously, or at least not dismissed out of hand.

What is it about quantum mechanics that would lead you to this conclusion?
If you are referring to the wave/particle "paradox" isn't that just an
apparent contradiction? The QM theorists have noted that subatomic objects
behave like waves sometimes and particles sometimes but you have to
remember that waves and particles are actually huge collections of these
same subatomic objects and the fact that the part sometimes behaves like
the whole in certain respects should not lead us to give up rational

I'm not dismissing this line of thought out of hand; I'm dismissing it after
seeing there is no necessity for it, and realizing that literally anything
follows from a contradiction, it would be counterproductive to knock down
the foundations upon which the edifice of logic (and, ipso facto, philosophy,
mathematics, science and the Church of Virus) is built.

It's interesting that this last argument isn't logical ("contradictions can't
exist because we have too much to lose if they do"). I'm hoping it will be
taken as prelogical or metalogical rather than illogical :)

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