Re: virus: Transhumanism and Christianity

Romana Machado (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 21:33:10 -0700

>I would like to know what Transhumanism is besides the faith in Science to
>save you from dying.

Our human bodies, minds, and psyches present many problems that we approach
in many ways. Transhumanists approach these problems as designers and
engineers. For this reason, transhumanists take an active interest in
discovering ways to make things work better, and apply all useful forms of
human knowledge to their project. The forms of knowledge vary with each

Advances in technology provide us with new ways of enhancing human
performance. We intend to use them to better ourselves in every way. We're
responsible for our future. We're responsible for what we know, and for
what we don't know. We're willing to be the subjects of our own
experiments, and to make the best of the outcome whether or not it's what
we expect.

The quest to realize a desired self motivates transhumanism. Each person's
desired self is different. Some people avoid change. Some wish to reform
in some ways, and maintain others. Some wish to become"posthuman"
("after"-human) - to remodel and enhance themselves so much that they may
no longer be rightly considered human. Everyone doesn't need to accept
transhumanism in order for it to work. It works fine on a purely personal

Transhumanism doesn't dictate your personal style, or your relationship to
your family or your society. It requires no faith, which makes it distinct
from, yet compatible with many forms of spiritual pursuit. It isn't a
replacement for religion because it doesn't purport to do what religion
purports to do. Transhumanist ideas may be compatible with many other
beliefs, from the practical to the mystical.

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