Re: virus: RE: Future of Man

James T. Martin (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 20:40:35 -0700

Shira wrote:
>So to what extent does man's belief in the supernatural make his
>belief valid?
>When will man stop needing religions to code his reality?

I do not dispute anything you have stated. Any beliefs I hold must be
supported by some empirical evidence - in fact, a lot of evidence. Our
observations of the Universe now extend to the other side. Not that we
comprehend all of the intracacies - we have a long way to go. But to fashion
a lifestyle on some "feel good" beliefs that are totally illogical is just
not in my nature. So to your first question - NONE. To your second; world
culture has progressed to a secular understanding (again). The slight
resurgence of fundamentalism is a reaction to the shock of a fast moving
modern world. Proponents see themselves as an underground movement fighting
the "evils" they perceive, they get satisfaction from being
anti-establishment. Many have set themselves up for a rude awakening though.
So many have predicted the "end times" since the early '90s that they soon
will have to eat humble pie when the Ball descends on year 2002. Note that
they won't be so committed as to sell their homes and stand on the site of
the Temple like some others have already done. The spiritual yearning runs
deep in our beings - true enlightenment is our only hope.
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