Re: virus: RE: Future of Man

John A (
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 01:47:01 -0600

James T. Martin wrote:

I refer you again to the
> philosophy of "The Way" (that can not be described) or the Tao of ancient
> Chinese philosophy.

I'll have to check this out. The only eastern philosophy that I have
encountered is a few bits of Confucian texts. I've always meant to
explore it more, but I don't have much time. My list of books to read is
endless, so it may be a while. Thanks for the suggestion.

John Aten
"Truth demands to be declared even if it is ugly 
 and unethical" -F. Nietzsche

"Of each thing ask, what is it? What is its nature? What is it of itself" -Marcus Aurelius