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James T. Martin (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 19:55:26 -0700

At 06:25 PM 3/29/96 -0600, you wrote:
> James T. Martin wrote:
>> >John A wrote:
>> >When I speak of "god" I am speaking of what is eternal; the immuttable
>> >postulate upon which the physical world is based, if such a postulate
>> >exists. The term "god" brings to mind an image of an omnipresent,
>> >anthropomorphic entity, but that image is false. It seems logical to me
>> >that "god" is a force; not a man on a cloud with a flowing white beard
>> >that manipulates humans in some ethereal game of chess. I suppose this
>> >belief would categorize me as an atheist, but I don't use the term
>> >because it has become such a loaded word. I would like to know how some
>> >fellow C of V members define what it means to be an "atheist".
>> >
>> Your beliefs could be termed "deist" - similar to many of our
>founding fathers
>> (US). You realize that the anthropomorphic god imagined by most is
>> ridiculous but can't rid your mind of some spiritual entity at work.
>John Aten wrote:
>I do not believe that god is a spritual entity. When I use the term
>"god", I mean it in the most abstract way. I believe that humans can
>understand the workings of god just as we understand chemical processes
>and laws of physics.(Which I ultimately would describe as the "god" of
>the universe) What I acknowledge as "god" is completely different than
>that of any spiritual or religious viewpoint that I am aware of. God is
>the ultimate statement or Theory of Everything that encompasses all
>physical goings on. If no such theory is possible, (what do you think?)
>then no god exists, at least by my definition.
>John Aten
>"Truth demands to be declared even if it is ugly
> and unethical" -F. Nietzsche
>"Of each thing ask, what is it? What is its nature?
> What is it of itself" -Marcus Aurelius
A 'Theory of Everything' is awfully broad, but certainly is what much
religion, philosophy and science is all about. I refer you again to the
philosophy of "The Way" (that can not be described) or the Tao of ancient
Chinese philosophy. Pay no attention to the current religion of the Taoist
priests. That's as mystical as Christianity. (It seems that all inspiration
that leads to lasting concepts are soon degenerated into meaninglessness).
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