Re: virus: Real World?
Tue, 31 Dec 96 15:23:23 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> > If the probability of any event occurring at any time and at any point in
> > space is 1/oo (where oo = infinity), and given that time is /probably/ infinite,
> > irrespective of the state of the universe, then there are an infinite number of
> > instances at which an event can occur. Hence, the probability of any event
> > happening in the Universe, or one before it, or one after it, is denoted as:
> > 1/oo * oo = 1/1 Therefore, the event must occur.
> You have to be careful with this one, though. As it only deals with a
> lineal universe in infinite time, you're limited to any one existance
> at any one time. With the MWH, you have an infinite number of yours
> split off from the same existance at some point but in this, you have
> to allow for you to evolve again and the same environment to exist
> once more, which /is/ possible but just not as satisfying as another
> entity co-chronologically with you (in a parallel MWH universe) ruling
> the world/universe ...

It's easier to envisage though, isn't it? The MWH just doesn't seem to
work. Where do these other universes exist?

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