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> > Heisenberg and Bohr influenced eachother a great deal. Heisenberg's
> > uncertainty principle states that at any given moment you can know a
> > particle's velocity but not its position and vice versa. He used matrixes
> > to take all potential positions and velocities into account and discussed
> > the ~probability~ of finding a particle with any of these values. The issue
> > of wave-particle duality relates directly to this idea.

Wrong wrong wrong. You never read about the Heisenburg uncertainty
principle. It states that the velocity and position of an object cannot be
MEASURED to an arbitrary value of precision, if the size of that object
is within the range of planck's constant. It can be done, but if you measure
the velocity to a certain accuracy, you lose that much precision in the
measurement of the position. It is a very small number, so it won't ever
affect me any.

> > Heisenberg's discovery rendered Bohr's "planetary model" of the atom
> > obsolete.

Heisenberg did not do that! Schrodinger and De Broglie did that!

> Strictly speaking, it rendered all models are obsolete.

It didn't render them just modified them.

> > it has to describe reality. Thus, it has to have a physical expression in
> > both the micro- and macro-realistic terms. But how do you express a
> > probability visually?

With probability density diagrams.

>To answer this question Bohr delved into metaphysics.

Oh! Now I know you are bullshitting...over and out!