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Mon, 30 Dec 96 10:15:34 GMT

Lior wrote:

Situation -
You're in 1996. You have this kind of device, let's call it a
Chronoscope. This Chronoscope functions just like ordinary binoculars,
except that through its oculars you can look some 40 years back. You've
just happened to spot Bill Clinton of 1956.
You know he's going to become the president of the U.S.. You happen to
know some of his 'future' decisions.

Question(s) -
>From all that knowledge on 'future' Clinton, what can you deduce on 1956
Does it help you understand his decisions?
Does it make them more pre-determined?
Does it prevent 1956-Clinton of becoming an artist? a dentist? a beggar?
of commiting sucide?

Answers To lior:

>>> All you can deduce is what you already know. If you learnt the life of Billy then you will already know what sort of character billy is, At what stage in his life things will happen, When he lost his virginity (if he has) and who sold him pot when he was at college. Just by looking at someone all you can deduce is what they look like. You have to take a guess at how old they are and what sex they are (can be difficult).

>>> Again just by looking at someone cannot really tell you anything about them. Your mind automatically assumes what it can tell by the way someone looks. How many times have you met someone who you immediately think looks like they could kick seven shades of shit out of you but it then turns out they collect butterflys and are scared of the dark and ginger haired people*. For instance Mungo from "The Goonies".

>>>no, i won't repeat myself again.

>>>No, unless you actually interact with the 1956 Clinton's world and surroundings then nothing would change. I assume that when you say we can /look/ 40 years back we do not interact with the past in any way. If we did change things in the past world then other things would happen such as billy becoming a drugs pusher and Dan Quail knowing how to spell potato.

I hope this is what you were after.

Neil Middleton
The NeW foRCe iN ViRUs

* jonesr for instance