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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 06:02:36 +0000

Alex wrote:
Would you really prefer to see history as written by the losers? And
you think neo-Nazi revisionist history was bad ...

No. I didn't mean to imply that. I was saying that you are jumping over
a useful point. And that is that, war is an effective motivator because
it utilizes strong memes.

Effective motivation is good, thus, transitively, war is good. As I
said, its not PC to say it, but I mean it. A low-grade boiling of
skirmishes and the threat thereof for a while is a great spur for
technology and economy. As long as you have occasional periods of
peace, usually longer than the times of war, depending on how
extensive the war was, in order to sit back and integrate the pushed
wartime developments you'll move along much faster and more happily
than a totally peaceful society.

You made that jump again. What happens when war is no longer a
profitable pursuit? What happens when... frankly... you just can't have
a good old fashioned build up an enemey and knock them down, rape their
wives and kill their baby sons war? There are just too many cameras out
there beaming images to your dinner table on the six o clock news. What
happens when communication is *so* effective that we cannot prejudice
ourselves the way we used to and we have to employ even more
sophisticated jargon to make people hate the enemy? Your memes get more

We can program a missile to climb up the enemy's rectum as it is. The
thing that's keeping society stable and cultures operating these days is
not a matter of "who has the stirrup"-- it's the memes-- our laws, our
accords, our visions of ourselves as nations-- heck as members of a
nation (only a recent development in the memetic history of mankind and
certainly not found in any animal). (no not pack, herd or tribe, but


Greece's martial prowess was one of the major reasons that Euripedes
had the time and freedom to /write/ TROJAN WOMEN. Surely I'm not the
only one that appreciates the fine irony.
Surely you don't see the irony in what you just wrote....

Euripedes was a vetren soldier. His contribution to the world was his
statement on war. For you to read it as the product of affluence and
FREEDOM is even more ironic.

I'm sorry, but I have to be hard on you for that. The piece is about
those very shackles that we place on ourselves. That we can advance only
on the bones of others. And coming from the pen of a man who committed
the crimes he protests....

I'm absolutely certain of my own cruelty, its the cruelty that kills
5/8ths of the young crocodillian population before breeding maturity
and ensures that over 99% of the billions of sex cells that get spewed
into the ocean by clams never meet another and merge successfully.

You're a busy guy.

Its the cruelty of the efficency of nature.

As you've imagined it.(and yourself) How natural are you? What brand of
antiperspirant do you use and do you do the Macarena?

You are not the same as a natural animal-- you are something completely
different, you cannot do e-mail in the wilderness, a lion would sneak up
and eat you.

  Ken Pantheists