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>>>>There is no justice
>>>>there was this guy wo really took care of his body. He lifted weights and
>>>>jogged 6 miles everyday. One morning he was admiring himself in the
>>>>mirror and noticed he was suntanned all over with one exception of his
>>>>penis, which he readidly decided to do something about..
>>>>He went to the beach, completelty undressed and buried himself in the sand
>>>>except for his penis which he left sticking out. Two old ladies were
>>>>strolling along the beach, one was using a cane. Upon seeing this thing
>>>>sticking out of the sand she began to move it around with cane. She said
>>>>to her companion, " There really is no Justice in this world". Her
>>>>companion relplied "What do you mean" the little old lady said "Look at
>>>>when I was 20 I was curious about it
>>>>when I was 30 I enjoyed it
>>>>when I was 40 I asked for it
>>>>when I was 50 I paid for it
>>>>when I was 60 I prayed for it
>>>>when I was 70 I forgot about it
>>>>Now that Im 80, the damn things are growing wild and Im too old to squat
>>>>Gilbert Van Norman