virus: Re: sociological change

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 18:06:13 +0000

Alexx wrote:
Further, you've removed the ability for one person to communicate at all
with another, removing the ability to be `close enough' acceptibly. I,
obviously, extend `close enough' for the memetic contents for most
higher animal entities, you do not.

But that is precisely WHY we need memetics. It gives is the ability to
see the specific characteristics of memes in their wnvironment.

Sure we are just meowing and barking on ever increasing levels of

BUT memetics-- andf the way we live our modern lives as human beings on
this planet-- as made it necessary for us to be able to distinguish
between The bark of a big dog, the bark of a little dog, the meow of a
siamese cat as opposed to a persian, whether the cat is well fed and has
the right to meow the way it does, whether the cat is meowing to
organize a group of cats against a certain dog in the neighborhood...

That is what the model offers us.

It includes our media too--

Why run out into the backyard with it before we understand how it
affects OUR lives?


I DO hope you saw my little joke in the grant money line--- You missed a
great opportunity for slamming what artists do for grant money :)

  Ken Pantheists