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Fri, 27 Dec 1996 13:36:57 -0700

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We may becoming more and more immersed in a virtual reality,
but what where are we coming from and going to? The cup is
not half-empty nor is it half-full. It is completely full. It is just that
half of it is water and the other half is air. If we are being immersed
in water, and water is virtual reality, what does the air represent then?
If we can know both sides of the coin, so to speak, then we have a
reference point by which we can distinguish what is virtual and what
is real.

> Just suppose that we do live in a virtual world, wouldn't that explain why
> there are mathematical formulas that dictate what happens around us?

Mathematical formulas do not dictate what happens around us. They
are symbolic descriptions *derived* from what happens around us. And
that is why they aren't completely accurate descriptions of reality.

> > They are all just questions about reality and not descriptions of reality.

We can ask as many questions as we want but the questions don't mean
anything if the questions are not relevant to the subject on hand. Let's not
ask questions at all even, let's just describe reality first as it is and then
draw conclusions (instead of the other way around).

That was the entire point I was trying to make to John. We can ask questions
that have no answer or we are not sure about, and then turn around and
act like we really proved something by asking a question we can't answer.
We haven't proven anything. But when you describe reality, you start to
see things more as they really are and not what they might be.

I hope this won't be considered a cocky response. Please.