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Alexander Williams (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 14:27:17 -0500 wrote:
> Alex Williams wrote:
> >From the memetic PoV: Does it matter? If reality is virtual it still
> >engenders the same memes and meme-complexi into your brain as if you
> >were experiencing it.
> To me it does matter because it means that everything you have ever lived
> through and experienced,since being born to the present seconds, does not
> really exist.

But you can only feel `cheated' in such a way /after/ you learn that all
you've experienced is virtual. Its forward-propogative in your
meme-structure, not backward-propogative. In a sense, the knowledge of
virtuality is merely another meme which will have wide-reaching impact
in your memetic-niches, but until its verified, its not condusive or
`revealatory' (to use my own term) to contemplate.

The /possibility/ of virtuality isn't impactive any more than the
possibility that you're a butterfly dreaming you're a man is.

> The idea may not be provable but it is possible to speculate to such a
> point using ideas that we do already know that we can come to a very
> accurate assumption or even a worthwhile conclusion. Technology will
> destroy man.

Technology may `destroy' man, but what it creates will be something
better and `more.' (Can you tell I'm rabidly anti-Luddite?)

Assumptions are just that, assuming facts not in evidence. Without
facts, which would demonstrate provability, you can come to no

To sum up in my own inimitable way: `Even if the world is virtual, if I
drop a rock on my foot it hurts like a motherfucker.'

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