virus: Kill Me...

C.T. Robinson (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 19:06:03 -0800

cr/ can someone either help me get off this list, or tell me how to use that
"mail-ignore" option on Eudora. XYZ's post are killing my computer (I have
an old junker at the moment) and it took 5 minutes just to download his last
posting. I find some of the minds on this list very invigorating, but
there's only so much my modem can handle in a single day. Since I am new to
the list, feel free to flame-on, as I have my asbestos suit at the ready,
but I had to say SOMETHING.


C.T. Robinson

When you find
A friend
Who is good and true
Fuck him
He fucks

--J.P. Donleavy