RE: virus: crap fom XYZ

Schneider John (
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 00:49:13 -0500

Flaps wrote:
[clip - stuff about the pot posts]
> If any else has similar ideas about what XYZ has to say can they
> please let it be known to everyone else as it appears myself and
> Jonesr are the only people willing to stand up against him.

I've mainly ignored the pot posts since my experience with pot is
quite limited. I've tried it perhaps four or five times, and each
time was slightly different, and every time was while thouroughly
drunk, so my experience is slightly marred in that respect.

In general, concerning XYZ; I also dislike the brash posting, and
what seems to be a base assumption of the stupidity or ignorance
of whomever s/he is addressing, not to mention the obfuscation...

Nonetheless, I'm interested in XYZ's scientific approach to
memetics. (Due, of course, to personal interest and nothing

I think XYZ would be very well served by doing one very simple
thing: when responding to a post, quote the /entire/ post, and
respond to every point made in the post... if a good point is
made, then say, "good point", etc... I know we're here mainly
to discuss memetics and not just to spread the civility meme,
but discussing memetics civilly seems better (more useful)
than the alternative.

- JPSchneider