RE: virus: MEME UPDATE: To Censor Or Not?

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 10:38:18 -0800

Dave Pape wrote:

>>>I don't believe in free will.
>>Neither do I. Of course, I also don't believe in NO free will.
>Eh? Sorry, I'm floundering. Is that Zen?

Well, it's kind of like the time a Zen master burst into a monk's
apartment while he was eating rice and said, "Stop eating right now, or
I will kill you! But if you stop eating, I will also kill you!" What did
the monk do?
>>> I think the only stance for the true
>>>memeticist is to be non-prescritive, to play down their emotional
>>>to particular memes, and to admit that s/he is nothing more than memes
>>>ideas, which will try and gain neural resource from other memes/ideas.
>>I covered this in the book, which you should read. Apathy allows bad
>>memes to win.
>No such thing as bad. No such thing as good. "Good" means "agrees with
>my/our memes" and "bad" means "disagrees with my/our memes". The test
>Think of a thought you think is bad that you agree with

Strangling XYZ.

>; think of a thought
>you think is good, that you don't agree with.

Marrying my girlfriend.

> Didn't think you could.

Level 3 is all about being able to judge the merit of memes regardless
of how much dissonance they create with your dominant mindset.
>Who's your UK distributor... ISBN codes etc? Go on. If there isn't
>can we arrange a direct snailmail-for-cash thing? There y'go. All I
>want to
>do is fight you, and you've made another sale. Mind you, I might be
>MORE hostile afterwards than I am now...

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