RE: virus: Possible Though Paranoid Theory <PiTy PiTy>

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 10:22:15 -0800

Lior wrote:

>But it's also a great memetic experiment - "Let's watch their
>reaction to someone who denies free will" "Let's watch their reaction
>someone who denies memetics" "Let's watch their reaction to rudeness
>irrationality" "Let's watch their reaction to such and such provocative
>claims, such and such requests to explain formerly agreed theories". In
>fact, I might have preformed a similar experiment if I were in their
>What do you think?

I've been watching XYZ's memetic experiment (conscious or not) with much
enjoyment. It's no easy trick to hook some of the minds on this list! I
don't think it's so much the name-calling as the easy target XYZ is
setting himself (no chance he's not a "he"!) up as. It's just SO
tempting to win what looks to be an easy battle with an arrogant
self-righteous geek, which is how X portrays his persona. But then once
you bite, he reacts in a non-standard way, showing either Level-3
consciousness or pathological lying (I'm not sure which).

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