virus: Secret memes (was Possible Through Paranoid Theory)
Tue, 24 Dec 96 09:54:38 GMT

XYZ dribbled:

> > From:
> > I am aware of one meme that has infected me during the course of this
> > discussion. That is that you are not who you say you are, and that your
> > intentions are not as they appear to be. I don't know whether this meme
> > is accurate, but if you don't stop being so obtuse, then I'll never know,
> > and the meme will die.
> Memes have evolved to be obtuse.

I read somewhere on this list that you don't believe in memes.

> That is how they can sneak in without
> you consciously knowing it.

I disagree. I feel that because of the way memes affect the actions of
individuals, they will become aware that they have been infected at some
point not too long after the infection. For example, if someone were to
be infected by the "All long haired people are gay" meme, then they would
treat long haired people with the same attitude as they would treat gay people.
For this meme to be propogated, they would, most likely, have to verbally
pass on the meme. Therefore, they must be aware of it's presence.

Using a slightly more subtle example. Suppose the trend-meme (made up,
XYZ, so don't start again) says that it's cool to wear bright orange
pants (that's underwear for the Americans on the list), then the way
that this meme would be propogated is by advertising, and by one person
seeing anothers, and liking them (no sniggering please :). They would
be aware that they liked them, or that it would be cool to have them, and
only succumb to the meme at that point. They would not wander to the
shops, zombie-like, to buy a pair of orange pants, and get home, without
being aware of it.

I'm hoping that this might actually turn into a serious thread, maybe, with
you XYZ, but I'm sure that in the end you'll bring it down to your level of
insults and pathetic comments, but then, it's worth a try, and maybe we'll
get some post from the real members of this list, who've got something real
to say.

> Didn't you read "Virus of the Mind"?


Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."