Re: virus: Pot

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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 18:47:14 -0700

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> > > > What is unpure pot?

> > First it was "meme speak", now it is "pot speak"? Do you always
> > make up terms in order to try and win a discussion?

> I think that you might find that this point above has absolutely nothing
> in my favour WRT winning this argument. It is just a by-the-by point that
> I made, and which appers to have confused you. And on top of that, I
> didn't make up any of the terms used above. Which ones are you refering to?

What is unpure pot? This whole entire thread was about pot (ie -- the effects
of THC) and you just threw in this thing about adding nicotine at random.
"Unpure pot" is not street talk nor slang. It is made up, hence "pot speak".