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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 10:22:34 -0500
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Subject: /this/ (Re: virus: Re : sociological change)
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> to ours. Of course, I'd also suggest that /many/ animals have a
> `culture:' ants (hives), dogs (packs), in essence, any animal that has
> to issue cooperative behaviour at some point (and since they /all/
> have to mate, eventually) will have some level of `culture' that can
> be perceived, and memes underlying that.

can you recall when and/or why you started using the slash for emphasis
instread of the more traditional '-' or '_'? My annoyance with the
traditional underscore--or having to use shift to get to it--culminated
several months ago, as I actively sought a new emphasis indicator, wandering
throught /this\ \this/ =this= -this- and *this* (which was quickly
discarded). \this\ was one of my final choices.

In any case (meaning that more litteraly than usual), I am curious if you
went through a similar transition, or copied a technique you found
elsewhere... hmm... level 3 punctuaion?

(, not