Re: virus: Pot
Mon, 23 Dec 96 11:15:39 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> > From:
> > > The evidence seems to
> > > be that pot smoking is less (but it still is carcinogenic).
> >
> > Ahah...
> >
> > Finally, are you now admitting that Pot *is* carcinogenic?
> >
> > You contradict yourself, young sir!
> You don't pay attention, old sir! Pot is not carcinogenic. Pot
> *smoke* is carcinogenic.

A fact which /I/ made known to you. Are you telling me now that you're
actually listening to some of the things that are being said to you. I
applaud you XYZ, a minor breakthrough.

> > > What is unpure pot?
> > I'm talking about Joints that are rolled using tobacco as well as
> > Cannabis. If you smoke it pure, it is rolled with nothing other
> > than weed in the Rizzla.
> First it was "meme speak", now it is "pot speak"? Do you always
> make up terms in order to try and win a discussion?

I think that you might find that this point above has absolutely nothing
in my favour WRT winning this argument. It is just a by-the-by point that
I made, and which appers to have confused you. And on top of that, I
didn't make up any of the terms used above. Which ones are you refering to?

Joint: Marijuana Cigarette
Rizzla: Cigarette paper
Cannabis: THC based drug, aka Marijuana.
Pure: Unmixed with anything else
Tobacco: Plant first introduced to England by Cristopher Columbus (I think)
Rolled: A term among smokers meaning to have made one's own cigarette using
tobacco and Rizzlas. This term can also be applied to "Joints".
Smoke: A term meaning to light the end of a Cigarette, and inhale the
smoke given off. Again, this term can be applied to "Joints".
Weed: An alternative name for Marijuana, but specifically used for non-solid

Does this help?

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."