virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #119

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 00:06:43 +0000

Alex Wrote:
However, I can see a time in which the AI community comes up with a
system of sufficent complexity that its operation /can/ be described
with the meme-abstraction, and thus, be aproachable through memetics.

Will the machines be male or female? black or white? gay or straight?

Do you think that some machines will think of themselves as superior to
others? Will they have careers and will they play football against each

Will they get into arguements because one has a different point of view
or feels opressed by another?

Will one suddenly change its mind about *everything*, go into the nevada
desert and drop pehote to find itself?

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here. The reason why I ask these
questions is that I can't see memes as these particulant things, as you

I cannot see how a certain string of code can be a meme. But I'm no
scientist-- would the code that you write be a memetic artifact?

  Ken Pantheists