virus: <Semi>-Natural Selection of Methuselah

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 15:17:03 -0800

Kenneth Boyd wrote:
That's why I count all money paid towards Social Security as totally
wasted. [Frankly, I don't expect the institution to survive unless the
retirement age is boosted to say, 100 years. That would reset the
survival rate to retirement to the design intentions, back in the

Listen to this:

=IF=>We raised retirement age to let's say 80 years
=then=> Only those with a life expectancy bigger than 80 would recieve
their well-earned pension and spend the rest of their lives peacefully
=then=> They would have more leisure to spend taking care of their
=then=> The burden of taking care of their grand-children would be
smaller to their children
=then=> Their children would be capable of having more offsprings and\or
spend more time on their career and\or paying more attention to their
=then=> Those offsprings (the 80+'s grandchildren) would obtain a
dominant evolutionary position.
=then=> Possible genetic causes for long life expectancy would obtain a
dominant position
=then=> Average life expectancy would pass the 80
=then=> We'd raise retirement age to 90.
and so on.

=IF=> Unemployed 80+s require extensive supervision of their children
=then=> Their children would be more busy taking care of them
=then=> Their children would have less resources to spend on their own
=then=> Those offsprings would obtain an inferior evolutionary position
=then=> Forget it.

How about that?