virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #118

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 05:06:00 +0000

XYZ wrote:
Now for the real puzzle. If you were paying conscious attention to what
have been saying all along, you would know what that meme is. Are you
aware of what that meme is? Or has it subltely infected you without you
even knowing what hit you?



XYZ, a bigger puzzle is how you manage to blunder through a conversation
about memetics, clearly not understanding many of its central tenets;
(case in point)
"Christianity was useful. Communnism is still useful. Dictatorship
is still useful. I see alot of uncertainty in saying that something is
"right" because it is useful."

And then claim to have engineered some super meme.

That's not a puzzle. It's a joke.

You don't believe in memetics remember?

Cripes-- if you're going to perform for us, at least get your character

  Ken Pantheists