virus: Re: dreams

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:08:19 +0000

Lior and XYZ

> Name one such animal.

Echidna. Also, any reptile or amphibian.

Where is this going?

Lior- you're jumping through XYZ's hoops like a trained poodle. (sorry,
I'm not pissed off, just wondering what the heck we're doing here.)

That is true but it still doesn't prove that dreaming is necessary for
mind to work, only that the *human* mind as it has evolved needs it.

Thank you for bringing this back up to topic.

I don't understand the digression XYZ. We are concerned with memetics.
The smallest traceable units of culture. Once frogs and reptiles start
developing transmissable cultures (that have to do with the transmission
of ideas-- not some mating dance) then, I think we might want to give
them our attention.

but for now, you can safely assume that when we discuss the mind, ideas,
and ontology-- we are talking about humans.

  Ken Pantheists