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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:16:30 -0700

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> > The evidence seems to
> > be that pot smoking is less (but it still is carcinogenic).
> Ahah...
> Finally, are you now admitting that Pot *is* carcinogenic?
> You contradict yourself, young sir!

You don't pay attention, old sir! Pot is not carcinogenic. Pot
*smoke* is carcinogenic.

> > What is unpure pot?

> I'm talking about Joints that are rolled using tobacco as well as
> Cannabis. If you smoke it pure, it is rolled with nothing other
> than weed in the Rizzla.

First it was "meme speak", now it is "pot speak"? Do you always
make up terms in order to try and win a discussion?

>Does that make more sense to you, or should
> I try again using words of no more than 2 syllables?

You should try again using words of no more than 2 syllables since
that would be more on your level of reasoning. You went over your
head again when you wrote this reply.