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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 09:22:54 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Martin Traynor wrote:

> On 18 Dec 96 at 15:46, wrote:
> > The power hungry, and the greedy cause a threat to the "ordinary"
> > people, and thus to protect themselves, they must form government.
> > Anarchy ends.
> No. To protect themselves they only have to form a power coalition.
> This can have the specific goal of protection from attack *without*
> having anything to do with the governance of the people who form it.
> BTW, I'm not disputing that there are certain freedoms which it might
> make sense to voluntarily relinquish for certain concessions. For
> example, you and I might sit down and make an agreement between
> ourselves that we will not attack each other. We might sign a contract
> specifying the acceptable limits of intrusion upon each others
> lifestyles and we may employ an agency of some kind to mediate in
> disputes or to take revenge should the pact be broken by one of us.
> This consensual agreement can be extrapolated as far as you'd like to
> take it, with millions of people having the same or similar terms and
> conditions of business with each other and with various enforcement
> agencies backing up these contracts, but it does not constitute
> government.

Implementation details would be interesting.... Explicit constructions
would require having a functionally anarchic society to cross-check my


> > > In the
> > > society we live in, each of us is forced to pay for other peoples
> > > lifestyles.
> >
> > Yeah, fucking students :)
> Funnily enough, as long as I could afford to, paying a certain amount
> of money into financing education is something I *would* do
> voluntarily (provided I was happy that the funds were well managed).
> There are some others, but my objection to the tax system is its
> coercive nature and the mismanagement of public monies. It seems to me
> that most of my money is spent supporting a monolithic bureaucracy
> which is shafting me at every opportunity.

That's why I count all money paid towards Social Security as totally
wasted. [Frankly, I don't expect the institution to survive unless the
retirement age is boosted to say, 100 years. That would reset the
survival rate to retirement to the design intentions, back in the 1930's.]

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