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Sun, 15 Dec 1996 06:31:51 PST

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>> Gentlemen...
>> It is called Subjective Reality.
>Not when it is backed up with objective facts.

Ah, but "evidence"... "facts"... are often easily enough twisted,
misinterpreted, or disregarded in favour of a dearly held vision of
"Reality".... If they cannot simply be rationalized into fitting that
"Reality" in the first place... Thus star ships become cloud-formations
and weather balloons, or vise versa... Geological and fossil records of
past ages were put upon the Earth by the Creator to test the faith of
His believers and not by natural processes... And so on...

I do not, myself, defend the nature of the Human species when it comes to
picking and choosing what they consider Real irreguardless of the
evidence at hand... But I do Understand it. We are a species looking for
stability in our Reality... We do not like to have our world re-ordered,
and may as a whole go to extraordinary legenths to maintain an old and
familiar paradigm.