Re: virus: Pot
Fri, 20 Dec 96 10:19:31 GMT

XYZ Customer Support <> wrote:

> > From:
> > > Your experience means nothing unless it can be validated
> > > with facts...which it hasn't. You have only asserted your
> > > experience.
> >
> > If you were driving along in the country one night, and suddenly you
> > were confronted by a hovering metal disc, with lots of lights around
> > it, and these Little Green Men came out and spoke to you in an
> > alien language, and took you aboard their ship, showed you round, took
> > you for a bit a spin round the cosmos, and dropped you back at your car,
> > you'd be pretty fucking convinced that there were such things as
> > aliens and UFO's wouldn't you?
> Yes I would.
> > To you, it's a fact, and you know it, but no one else believes you.
> > Does that make it any less true?
> But how come they never ever leave evidence?

There is evidence. You've seen them. It's imprinted in your memory,
all those little neurons have set themselves firing in the correct way,
and it's there inside your head. That's evidence, and damn convincing
evidence as far as you're concerned, also.

> Not even a footprint?

They don't weigh much, OK?

> > > Care to come up with any documented examples of someone dying of
> > > an overdose of pot?
> > I agree that it's *difficult* to overdose on pot, because the
> > quantities involved are *huge*.
> It just hasn't happened. It is so huge that it is vitually impossible for
> anyone to sit down and smoke and/or eat that much pot that they could
> die.

If the lethal dose is around 56 ounces of THC, and there's about 10%
(guestimate) THC is ordinary Cannabis Weed, then you would have
to consume 560 ounces of cannabis in a reasonably short space of
time. That's a total of approximately 62 9-bars. One 9 bar has
a street value (In England) or 600 pounds sterling (Approx 1000 dollars,
I think!). Therefore, to OD on Dope would cost you around 37,200 pounds
sterling (70,000 dollars ish). That's why there's never been an OD
on Cannabis, because to smoke 62 9-bars in a short space of time is
ridiculous. The point is, though, that a lethal dose does still exist.

> > > What evidence do you have that it is so bad? If not, then how can you
> > > know?
> > I have my :)
> That isn't pot...that is old age?

Ha, I'll bet I'm younger than you.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."