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Thu, 19 Dec 1996 20:37:55 -0700

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> > Your experience means nothing unless it can be validated
> > with facts...which it hasn't. You have only asserted your
> > experience.
> If you were driving along in the country one night, and suddenly you
> were confronted by a hovering metal disc, with lots of lights around
> it, and these Little Green Men came out and spoke to you in an
> alien language, and took you aboard their ship, showed you round, took
> you for a bit a spin round the cosmos, and dropped you back at your car,
> you'd be pretty fucking convinced that there were such things as
> aliens and UFO's wouldn't you?

Yes I would.

> To you, it's a fact, and you know it, but no one else believes you.
> Does that make it any less true?

But how come they never ever leave evidence? Not even a footprint?

> > > This is what we've been talking about. Unless you can give me conclusive
> > > proof that there is *no* harmful effects of pot, then I cannot believe
> > > that. Unfortunately, you claim that there have been no studys into the
> > > long term effects, and the carcinogenic implications, so how can you
> > > possibly know?

> > Care to come up with any documented examples of someone dying of
> > an overdose of pot?

> I agree that it's *difficult* to overdose on pot, because the
> quantities involved are *huge*.

It just hasn't happened. It is so huge that it is vitually impossible for
anyone to sit down and smoke and/or eat that much pot that they could

> > What evidence do you have that it is so bad? If not, then how can you
> > know?

> I have my :)

That isn't pot...that is old age?