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Thu, 19 Dec 1996 20:25:12 -0700

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> > > Mind you, unless you smoke pot pure, then you're still taking in the
> > > cigarette smoke.
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> > Pot smoke is not cigarette smoke. They both have different chemical
> > compositions.
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> Yep, but the point I was making (and not a *very* important point at that)
> is that unless you don't roll your J's with any tobacco in them at all,
> then you're still smoking cigarettes, essentially, just with extra bits
> in it. So smoking unpure pot *is* carcinogenic :)

Tobacco leaves give off different chemicals than pot leaves or, for that
matter, wood does. Therefore it would *have* to have a different effect:
Either more carcniogenic or less carinogenic. The evidence seems to
be that pot smoking is less (but it still is carcinogenic).

What is unpure pot?