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Wed, 18 Dec 1996 20:36:36 -0700

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> > > Many theories base assumptions upon human
> > > nature that simply aren't true (Anarchy, Communism)

> > What does anarchy assume about human nature that isn't true?

> All Anarchic theories that I have encountered rely on *all* humans
> being interested in other people's well being, as well at their own.
> They also rely on people wanting to live in peace.

Anarchy means that everyone does whatever they want, whenever they
want. That is a sure-fire recipie for pandemonium. Without rules that
everyone can agree to, people do whatever they want without regard
for the other person.

> Anarchy is a popularly confused term. It is the non-presence of government,
> not survival by violence. It is where the people govern themselves,
> and thus must have an efficient moral code. Here is where Anarchy
> falls down, 'cos its criteria are simply not fulfilled.

Anarchy always leads to violence. It is where the people don't govern
themselves because they are without a *govern*ment and no agreed upon
moral code. Any form of government is better than anarchy.