virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #115

Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 15:13:02 +0000

> I am studying quantum mechanics right now, so that is how I can
> tell you don't understand that either. Stop reading these pop-
> science books and get the real thing! I never equated the
> scientific method with reasonable or even logical. It is a method
> that gives results whereas your "useful method" doesn't.

With all due respect, I find myself simply skimming over your post and
not really paying attention to you. Which is a pity because you sound
like you are probably a bright person.

You have started a thread with the opinion that memetics is not a worth
while pursuit. That's kind of like walking into a cocktail party and
telling everyone there alcoholics.

"Prove me wrong! you're all drinking aren't you??"

This discussion list focusses on a specialized area of theory-- It is
part scientific theory and part aesthetic theory (although in my mind I
see it as an aesthetic theory)--

We have terms that explain how people use information and how
information uses people.

You are an excellent memetic subject.

from the quote above I can see that you have distinction memes for pop
science and real science.

Can you explain where you got those distinctions? Upon whose criteria
did you learn them?
When you encounter something new, how long does it take for the
distinction to kick in?

These are rhetorical questions, you don't HAVE to answer them on the
list. But if you ask yourself these things *poof* you're doing
memetics-- whether you want to or not ;)

  Ken Pantheists