Re: virus: Pot
Wed, 18 Dec 96 13:27:36 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> > OK, in an attempt to get the facts straight, I consulted some well
> > knowledged people in this field:
> What supposedly "knowledgable people in the field are they?

Hippies :)

> > 2) The British Home Office has commissioned a number of medical
> > research facilities to investigate the long and short term effects
> > of cannabis. This would include research into Cancer.
> What were their conclusions? Have their results been reproduced by
> any other reputable scientific institutions in the world yet?

As far as I'm aware, there have been no conclusions yet. I don't know what
institutions are involoved either, so I couldn't tell you how reputable they

> > 3) When THCs are burnt, they oxidise, and produce a carcinogenic
> > substance. Therefore, cannabis itself is *not* carcinogenic, but
> > smoking it causes it to become so.
> That is true of all burnt and smoked foods as well. But how much more
> dangerous is pot than BBQ steak?

Ever heard of CJD? ;P

> > > Isn't tobacco supposed to be relaxing as well?
> >
> > Yeah, but it relaxes the mind, and relieves stress more than anything
> > else. Also, because you're inhaling smoke into your lungs, there is
> > a reaction by the lungs, causing coughing, and a shortness of breath
> > due to lack of Oxygen. It's not very good for people with Asthma, as
> > far as I know.
> That doesn't happen with pot and that is why one experimental use of
> pot *has* been used to help those with asthma.

Oh yes. There are a number of people who I am aware of who *must* take a
certain amount of Cannabis daily, because they are afflicted with a
particular breathing problem, and the THCs actually reduce the muscle
tension, making it easier to breathe.

Mind you, unless you smoke pot pure, then you're still taking in the
cigarette smoke.

Richard Jones
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We are the Future."