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> Anything hardwired would require genetic engineering to controllably
> alter, or at least several generations.

Agreed. The only other chance would be if we understood the mechanism
well enough to redirect it.

> "Who controls" is important; so is "relative effectiveness". Compare a
> medieval fortress vs. medieval army to Mutual Assured Destruction as
> warfare technology/technique. Heuristically, an anarchy prefers something
> like the former in power balance, *not* the latter.

Agreed, but is it not still related to power differentials, but
rather than disparaties between the technologies wielded by states
(or the equivalent term in an anarchic society for large collections
of individuals) the differences are between the technologies wielded
by states vs those wielded by individuals. So while MAD struck a
power balance between superpowers, no balance was struck between
nation and individual.

BTW, can I apologise now for any badly written posts which I make
over the next week or so. It's party season and my brain isn't firing
on all cylinders, so if something is badly phrased, ambiguous or just
plain gibberish, mea culpa and please forgive me. Normal service will
be resumed as soon as possible.

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