Re: virus: Response to Zander

Alex Williams (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 15:52:37 -0500 (EST)

> It is my impression that Brodie is going for results, not fluff. This
> requires a careful balancing act, since memetic schemata for politeness are
> designed to *prevent* communication, including the subform persuasion,

I am perfectly aware that I am exo-allergic to communication that is
couched in `agressively obnoxious' terms; that initiates a kneejerk
intellectual reaction to ignore the content. If you want to get me to
consider content, you try not to trigger that immediate allergy, by
couching the challenge in terms that challenge my intellectual
capacity under the guise of polite conversation.

Deliberately inciting an autotoxic reaction seems, to me, to be a
negative means to getting results. On the other hand, I don't pretend
to understand all of memetics or even rhetorical theory. I /do/ know
how I feel about certain approaches, however, and from that basis I
can report my observations. :)