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>On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Richard Brodie wrote:
>> [RB: Zander inadvertently sent this reply just to me, and asked that I
>> forward it to the list. This is Alexander speaking:]
>> Richard Brodie wrote:
>> > This is because it's usually (paradoxically) a very ineffective means of
>> > communicating a new paradigm to come right out and say what you mean,
>> > which is why I try other methods. Smart people easily seize upon
>> > whatever conflicts with their existing world view and
>> > ridicule/marginalize the new perspective. But go on...
>> On the other hand, in science rather than in marketing, saying what you
>> mean is typically looked on in a more favourable light. I'd like to
>> think what we do on this list is more akin to science than salesmanship.
>Is this why science is inadequately funded?

Gee - i think that science is rather well funded (i was at the
Cape for the Mars launch 2 weeks ago - very cool) and that
scientists are rather well paid (but i would not turn down a

On a somewhat separate subject, i am reading a book "The End
of Science". Its main topic is that most of the basic science
(e.g., evolution, quantum mechanics, relativity) has already
been discovered and all that is left to do is flush it out and
invent new gizmos. After all, once you find out the fundamental
forces of nature, what else is left to do? Thoughts?