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> Until there is a test for drugged drivers, then there is enormous risk
> in legalising/decriminalising Dope.

Huh??? Why? A copper would be hard pressed to detect doses of any
number of perfectly legal drugs which cause no end of difficulties
when driving, from prescription painkillers to anti-depressants to
relaxants to ... need I go on? The law in this country states (to the
best of my knowledge) that driving under the influence of drugs,
legal or otherwise, is an offence. Your point seems to be that this
law is difficult to enforce for certain substances, and I agree with
you, but that difficulty exists irrespective of the legality or
otherwise of the substance concerned. If your argument is based
purely on a quantitative rather than qualitative assessment of the
problem (i.e. if it's legal there will be more people doing drugs
therefore the problem gets bigger) then you'll need to first
establish that the scale of the problem will change as a result of

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