Re: virus: Pot
Mon, 16 Dec 96 11:06:12 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> >I'd heard that there is, but I'd heard that it was something along
> >the lines of 16 ounces of THC in the blood at any one time. Man, if
> >you can take that much, let alone afford to, you deserve to die ;)
> Hehehe. Nope, 16 ounces won't do it either. No dosage will (unless
> you take a dose SO BIG that it bursts your stomach open).

OK, in an attempt to get the facts straight, I consulted some well
knowledged people in this field:

1) There *is* a lethal dose of THC (that's *pure* cannabis, not
just the stuff you buy), but it runs at about 56 ounces. Now that
is a fuck of a lot of THC.

2) The British Home Office has commissioned a number of medical
research facilities to investigate the long and short term effects
of cannabis. This would include research into Cancer.

3) When THCs are burnt, they oxidise, and produce a carcinogenic
substance. Therefore, cannabis itself is *not* carcinogenic, but
smoking it causes it to become so.

> >>Now that is definitely a very good definition of what constitutes a
> >>safe drug:
> >If we know for sure the effects.
> Which are: none.

We don't know what the long term effects really are for sure. There
needs to be research.

> >>but I can tell you that even if you have asthma you can smoke
> >>pot.
> >It relaxes the muscles in the chest, making it easier to breath.
> Isn't tobacco supposed to be relaxing as well?

Yeah, but it relaxes the mind, and relieves stress more than anything
else. Also, because you're inhaling smoke into your lungs, there is
a reaction by the lungs, causing coughing, and a shortness of breath
due to lack of Oxygen. It's not very good for people with Asthma, as
far as I know.

> At least that is what
> smokers tell me.

It's especially nice after a large meal for some reason.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."