Re: virus: Re: Virus: Sociological Change
Mon, 16 Dec 96 10:36:27 GMT

Lior wrote:
> Me:
> > * Let's say a billion people are interested in eating choco-ice-cream -
> > Should the social structre for this interest be made of a billion
> > members? What are the criterions upon which to build a social structre?
> Drakir:
> > Impractical. There lies the problem with large states. That's what we';ve got to decide (I'm not being all > that helpful, am I?)
> Let me rephrase it: Even if there're a billion people who want the same
> thing, it's usually impractical to expect them all to work in a single
> social structre whose interest is to provide them with that thing, in
> this case choco-ice-cream.

Yes, as people do not only have one ideal which they work for. Although
a billion people may want choco-ice-cream, five million of them may also
want Chocolate Eclairs, whilst the rest want Jam Doughnuts. Is this how
you meant it?

> So the criterion upon which to build a
> pro-choco-ice-cream social structre isn't the *number* of people who are
> interested in it. Then what IS that criterion?

I don't know. Maybe it would be the quality of the ice-cream?

> Me:
> > What's wrong with buying choco-ice-cream in the nearby store?
> Drakir:
> > How would you apply such a metaphore to *actual* social structures?
> Ben & Jerry's can answer the demand for choco-ice-cream better than a
> pro-choco-ice-cream social structre. i.e. In a free market you don't
> necessarily have to produce your commodities by yourself. You can
> concentrate on providing yourself with the means of purchasing whatever
> you want.

I see what you mean. But could this same thing be applied to political
concepts such as freedom and equality?

> Me:
> > * What makes a society stable?
> Drakir:
> > Non conflicting laws. No prejudices. Education among the people.
> Let's focus on the idea of 'education among the people'. What does it
> mean?

It means that all the citizens are educated to a certain point, at
a minimum, and the education goes far enough to make them "good"

> Why is it needed for a stable society?

Without education, prejudices flourish, and violence increases. This is
the beginning of Anarchy and Chaos. Maybe that's desireable, but it should
not be attained in this way.

> How can it be reached?

The state *must* provide it for the citizens, in it's own interest.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."