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>I thought, though, that proving that pot is totally safe was the
>point of this post.

No, proving that pot is totally safe was not the point of this post.
Educating is. For proof, I refer you to a professional, Robert M
Julien MD, who wrote /A Primer of Drug Action/, which is easily
obtained at any bookstore. It is written in plain english and gives
all references.

>>Like I said, there has never ever been an overdose death due to
>>pot. There is no known limit to the amount of pot one can smoke.

>I'd heard that there is, but I'd heard that it was something along
>the lines of 16 ounces of THC in the blood at any one time. Man, if
>you can take that much, let alone afford to, you deserve to die ;)

Hehehe. Nope, 16 ounces won't do it either. No dosage will (unless
you take a dose SO BIG that it bursts your stomach open).

>>Now that is definitely a very good definition of what constitutes a
>>safe drug:

>If we know for sure the effects.

Which are: none.

>>A five year could eat a pound of it with no harm.

>Yeah, man, but (s)he'd be shitfaced for a month!!!


>>There have been no studies done on the carcinogic effect of pot

>There must've been some.


>>but I can tell you that even if you have asthma you can smoke

>It relaxes the muscles in the chest, making it easier to breath.

Isn't tobacco supposed to be relaxing as well? At least that is what
smokers tell me.