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Fri, 13 Dec 96 10:43:09 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> > From:
> > > Just FYI: marijuana is the safest known drug in the world
> > All drugs that I know of have an effect by doing something that
> > isn't necessarily very good for you.
> Could you name a few related to pot then?

Erm...Cannabis, Marijuana, puff, dope, ganja, gear, etc...

Cannabis itself, IMO (not necessarily proffessional), is damaging.
I know how much it afected my short term memory, so it seems to
have some kind of detremental effect. Not that that's going to
stop me getting cained off my bollocks on New Years Eve :)

> > > Detecting whether a person is on pot requires special
> > > training whereas alcohol is obvious.
> > Does this make it safer?
> No, this isn't what makes it safer.

I thought, though, that proving that pot is totally safe was the point
of this post.

> Like I said, there has never ever been an overdose
> death due to pot. There is no known limit to the amount of pot one
> can smoke.

I'd heard that there is, but I'd heard that it was something along the lines
of 16 ounces of THC in the blood at any one time. Man, if you can take that
much, let alone afford to, you deserve to die ;)

Interesting game:

There are 2 variants, depening on how much you like puff.

An ounce an hour:

Take 1 ounce of cannabis resin, a *large* pack of skins, and
a lot of tobacco. The aim is to smoke 1 ounce of dope in 1 hour. Start the
timer, and begin your rolling. You *may not* stack up the J's, you must
roll each one as you smoke them. If you win, you'll be fucking cained for
a week!!!!

If you're not a heavy smoker, try just an eighth an hour!

> Now that is definitely a very good definition of what
> constitutes a safe drug:

If we know for sure the effects.

> A five year could eat a pound of it with no harm.

Yeah, man, but (s)he'd be shitfaced for a month!!!

> There have been no studies done on the carcinogic effect of pot
> smoke,

There must've been some.

> but I can tell you that even if you have asthma you can smoke
> pot.

It relaxes the muscles in the chest, making it easier to breath.

Cheers for the book review, I'll keep an eye out.

Richard Jones
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We are the Future."