Re: virus: Re: conscious and subconscious

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Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:33:41 -0700

>I don't use the word "subconscious" (at least when I'm being conscious)
>because it drags with it the whole Freudian model. I use "unconscious"
>to mean "not conscious."

But you should use the word "subconscious" because otherwise you will
be using words in ways that are contrary to how they are defined.
Your personal association of subconscious=Freud is incorrect and
inaccurate. Freud can only be given credit for "discovering" the
subconscious and not for defining it's contents.

>>For example, when I drive I have a whole set of unconscious memes
>>directing my driving. Sometimes my destination goes unconscious
>>too. That's when I end up habitually driving over the floating
>>bridge towards work instead of staying on the freeway and going to
>>the restaurant I have reservations at.

But since those memes can be brought into consciousness, they are
appropriately called subconscious. "Sub" means "below" or "just
beneath". UNconscious means you can never be aware of them nor can
they be brought into consciousness which just simply isn't true for
memes. All memes can be brought into consciousness.

I hope you don't see this as nitpicking with semantics but this
distinction is very important when discussing memes. Memes is in the
realm of psychology and that means that in order to properly evaluate
this subject, references will have to be made to psychological
articles, all of which define subconsciousness and unconsciousness as
I have. I hope this will eliminate some confusion that could result
from what such a mixup could create.