Re: virus: Virus: Sociological Change

Alexander Williams (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:25:48 -0500 wrote:
> However, the point of one's scapegoating someone else is to continue
> feeling miserable oneself. This looks useless to me, compared to the
> first two options.

On the contrary, the point of scapegoating is to push the blame onto
another so that you can then proceed to `not worry about it' and move on
to a "happier" state. Quite useful if the happier state is your
prefered end, and in most, its paramount.

> Please note that I have found happiness to be an inferior emotional
> commodity, and no longer seek it out explicitly.

Join the crowd; happiness is nice as a side-effect but in and of itself
it doesn't feed my belly or mind. What can I say? I keep aiming for
hedonism and striking ascetism.

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